American Tariffs with a Huge Impact on US-based Amazon vendors than in China, SellerMotor

The American Tariffs imposed on US-based Amazon vendors are having a bigger impact than their competitors in China according to Seller Motor. The number of tariffs imposed by US Chinese goods has impacted both US and China-based Amazon vendors hugely. Although the US is making the largest profit than China, according to the reports, from cross border e-commerce analytics company Seller Motor.

And it’s been increasing since the announcement by Trump Administrator, made in the summer of 2018. Seller Motor is an automation platform for sellers founded in the year 2016. Also, it provides data and ad analytics about Amazon. According to the reports from July 2018, a US tariff $34 billion in Chinese goods came into being and increased the sales thereafter.

The increment was 174% per year for China whereas US sellers gave 124%. As both the growth of US and China vendors took a stall, with the US still trying to achieve a growth rate higher than China. Even in 2018, when the US imposed tariffs on Chinese goods with 25% on $50 billion and 10% on $200 billion, the growth scale decreased to 54% while increasing was on the side of the Chinese Sellers by 111%.

This constancy of slowing down of sales from November 2018 has been going on till this year 2019 for the US-based Amazon Vendors, while the sales were consistently increasing for China by 61%. Mostly, the US based sellers do get their supplies from China though they fail to take control over sales which were enormously increasing over China.
It seems China has a better grip on sales. In China, they have an inner partnership and close equity with the selling companies, organize operations and have a perfect time of grabbing opportunities. This may be one of the reasons why their selling scale is higher than in the US.

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