Apple Attacked by China for Hong Kong Crowdsourced Police Activity App

Apple Attacked by China for Hong Kong Crowdsourced Police Activity App

An app called HKmaps, used by democracy protestors of Hong Kong as a source to extract information about street closures and police presence has been the eye-catcher of the China Government, since the past few days. This app came to light when Apple decided to present it. In an article in Chinese state mouthpiece, China daily, iPhone maker has been attacked for changing a decision made earlier not to present such apps in their iOS App Store.

Chinese have claimed that this app has been used by the rioters in Hong Kong which allows them to go on violent acts. Basically, HKmaps uses emojis to determine live police activity and protests activities across the streets of Hong Kong, reported a user. The App developer is in constant denial of its app being used for illegal activity and it’s just for information purposes so that people can move around the streets freely and avoid flash-points.

However, China Govt. isn’t ready to accept their statement and is pointing it as illegal. China daily states that business and politics are completely different and Apple shall not mix the duo to increase their sales as people might misunderstand this and say they are pursuing illegal acts. Apple needs to think about the consequences of the reckless decisions they make.

Apple has been warned gently about their consistent access to Chinese markets. However, if this app is processed further, it would mean their feelings being hurt in between the relations of Hong Kong. As Apple shall rise and broaden its sales only with the prosperity of China and Hong Kong.

Moreover, the App has been sent to Apple for review and removal of the App at the instant but they rejected citing that this app is for people’s ease to evade law enforcement.

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