Apple Launched a Public Beta of its Famous Apple Music on the Web

Apple Launched a Public Beta of its Famous Apple Music on the Web

Apple products and services have always been in light due to their unmatched quality and versatility. One such famous drive service is Apple music, which is again a very famous music streaming service by the company. Apple made a big decision today and a public beta of the service on the web, which could be accessible to all the Apple music users worldwide.

Keep in mind that Apple has never provided this service on the web before, but there was a third-party app, which gained popularity over the past few months for attracting customers in huge numbers. To use the beta service the user has to sign in with their Apple ID on simply.

The web version of the app is filled with features like searching and playing music from the Apple Music catalog, accessing your playlist and if your library is synced you can also play songs from your library, and so much more.
Along with these features, for now, the service seems pretty fine and Apple has given a word of adding other services with time. During the beta program, Apple is going to track the response of the service by the feedback provided by its users based on which bugs will be fixed and other issues will be solved.

Apple device users are already enjoying this service on their iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac, etc. Apple Music is also offered to non-ios platforms like Android, Windows and Amazon echo.

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