Apple Patents Watchband might ID You from the Skin of Your Wrist

With the new smart features, recognized by Patently Apple, some of the patents focused on making the Apple Watch a little different from ordinary smartwatches, have been permitted by the company. As per the first patent, a sensor will be built and inserted in the watch that will use the infrared detector to detect the thermal image of the wrist just like detection of fingerprints.

This would determine the identification of the wearer, for who’s wearing the watch. Apple watches are unlocked by tapping on the screen and entering a special pin number on the watch screen or unlocking it from your mobile phone if it has been configured that way. Apple watches have no such special feature to detect a face on camera or fingerprints from touchpads.

Identifications of the owners through these devices have given a tough time to users. And hence, this newly modified sensor on progress would make it easier for the users of Apple watches. There would be really no need of unlocking phones, again and again, to unlock the device on your wrist. This feature would allow you to unlock the device automatically once it detects your skin.

As per the second patent, it can detect the adjustments required accordingly during the fly. While running or doing something, if the band is loose on your wrist or its sliding away, then it automatically gets adjusted and tightens the band accordingly to your wrist size.

The third patent comes with the feature of built-in light-up indicators to notify as such when you get a message, or when the meter fills up based on how much more you need to run or a calendar notification for an hour.
Though the features are already there, for the watch it will just get added up as you no longer need to open the whole application, and it will save the power for the device.

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