Boeing Unveils its New Jetliner 777X

Boeing Unveils its New Jetliner 777X

Last week, Boeing has launched its 777x Airplane inside the inside the airframer’s main wide-body manufacturing facility in Everett, Washington. This launch was earlier delayed following the crash of its 737 MAX 8. With 252 feet length, the 777X is longer than all its predecessors – 777-300ER and super-stretched Airbus A340-600. This plane will be longest passenger jetliner in the world, crossing the length of the current record holder, the 747-8.

With longest spread, this plane is designated to accommodate between 400 to 425 passenger in two classes and it will fly about 7600 nautical miles which comes around 14000 kilo meters. However, the number of seats will vary for these planes based how the interior is made by the respective airlines. This plane will surely be the biggest twin-engine airliner of all time since it starts flying passengers from next year.

Boeing also announced that this will be followed by a smaller model of the same make which will accommodate between 350 to 375 passengers along with endurance of more than 17 hours. This smaller aircraft will cover 8700 nautical miles.

Till now, about eight airlines have placed 358 orders for this new jetliner amongst which Dubai’s emirates will get the first 777-9 in the next year which will be followed by 777-8 two year later.

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