Carbon Black And Pivotal Got Acquired by VMware for $4.8 Billion

Carbon Black And Pivotal Got Acquired by VMware for $4.8 Billion

A big announcement is made today by VMware about acquiring Carbon Black, which is a security company that keeps its eye on securing modern cloud-native workloads. The amount paid by VMware for the acquisition is $2.1 billion. Not just Carbon black, VMware also stated that they have acquired Pivotal also in $2.7 billion.

Revenue generated by VMware in the last quarter was near around $2.44 billion. Acquiring such big companies is a great thing for VMware. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger announced today that “Building on another solid quarter, we are thrilled about announcing our intent to acquire pivotally and Carbon Black.”

Even after the fact that both the acquired companies are different but the thing which makes Carbon black and Pivotal a bit related is that both of these focuses on modern workloads. Moreover, this acquisition combined with the other acquisition of the post has placed VMware in a totally different scenario and this made VMware able to become the only contender in the near future.

Also, the company Carbon black was founded in 2002 but it went out for public eyes in the early phase of 2018. During the time of evaluation, the value of the company was $1.25 billion and the company has even faced a time where it’s stock for as low as $13 but later on the condition improved.

VMware is ready to pay more than the current office of Carbon black’s share and is ready for the closure of the deal by the year 2020 which is not too far.

Apart from that, the acquisition of Pivotal was entirely done keeping in mind the need of bringing a new developer platform to help VMware itself.

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