Cisco Acquires Sentryo for Industrial IoT, ICS Security

Cisco systems are going to acquire Sentryo. Sentryo is actually an IoT company which has its specialty in security. It focuses on Industrial Control Systems. Adding to it has experience of water, gas or electricity distribution networks, power plants, critical infrastructure, production lines, and transport networks. According to Cisco they focus on monitoring and locking down such Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices such as:
• Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that are being frequently used to control processes such as oil refining or manufacturing.
• Remote Terminal Units: RTUs and sensors in the inaccessible area. For example, an electricity utility station

According to Cisco Sentryo will provide automated device visibility and protection for operational assets. Liz Centoni, senior VP and Gm of Cisco’s IoT business group that Sentryo provides customers deep visibility, network segmentation, and operations capabilities.

It makes sure maximum uptimes, production yields, improve safety as well as maintain robust cybersecurity. Sentryo is based in Lyon, France and started working in 2014. It brought its platform in 2015 and raised 10M in series A financing till December 2018.

Sentryo says, in one of the product descriptors, “minimize the risk of industrial networks being compromised by providing the network manager with full situational awareness. This includes a map of all communication flows within the network as well as detailed reports providing a full inventory of network devices, and detailed information about all identified vulnerabilities. ICS CyberVision relies on machine learning technology to build a model of the system which will allow for the detection of abnormal events. Finally, ICS CyberVision facilitates incident response by gathering all of the information required for forensic investigations.”

Cintoni didn’t specifically mention partnership in her blog about the deal. Still, Cisco remains partner-centric and has grown MSP and MSSP ecosystem.

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