EU Raises Serious Data Concerns and Contracts with Microsoft

EU Raises Serious Data Concerns and Contracts with Microsoft

A concern stated has been raised on the contractual arrangement between Microsoft and European Union Institutions that is using its software products and services. An inquiry has been opened by the European Data Supervisor (EDPS) into the contractual arrangement between EU institutions and the tech giant in the month of April, this year followed by the new rules governing EU outsourcing.

Though the preliminary investigations have still not ended, the partial outcomes from this investigation revealed serious concerns over the terms and conditions of a contractual issue, data protection rules and the role of Microsoft as a processor for the EU for its production uses and services. Comments have been posted to Microsoft.
A spokesperson has already said they will make the changes accordingly needed to the contract for data and data and they also have a dedicated support team for these issues who stays committed throughout the issues until it’s resolved. They will soon be announcing the changes raised by the concerned team of EDPS. It’s not whether it is a compatibility issue or issues in data protection laws, the Microsoft team will stay by the side to resolve the issue without any further disputes in any other region.

Few technical safeguards and settings agreed in this contractual term between the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and Microsoft to protect the individual rights in a better way and also have hope for few developments in contract terms and protection laws. The solutions that will be resulted should not only restrict to public or private bodies, rather it should reach out to individuals too, coming out from small expectations.

A conference has also been conducted to evolve the rules and protection laws and the lowering of risks in software areas. In fact, various agendas are also taken up for the changes to take place and regulate the issues with more ease and EDPS has been the major changer overall.

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