Facebook sells Oculus Medium – A 3D virtual reality tool to Adobe

Facebook sells Oculus Medium – A 3D virtual reality tool to Adobe

In Mumbai, on December 9, 2019, Facebook put in a lot of effort while developing Oculus after purchasing it in 2014 and launched Medium after two years. The use of the Oculus software involved developing designs and art which showcased 3D reality. Medium helped the user by providing features through which the users can sculpt and model designs that they can use for creating videos.

Many facts state that Oculus helped in increasing the economy of Medium over the years. However, the sales would also mean that the world would measure the efforts of the company in terms of the sale value, which is still unknown.

Facebook also put in some shots for the people by laying them off before selling the company. However, creative people who usually use the software are happy that the software gets to live because of the sales. Facebook plans for purchasing other VR apps, which would provide a basis of design for creative people. This VR development would lead to recreation for all 3D reality contents and investments.

Also, Medium announced the sale on Friday and highlighted the fact that Adobe is the world’s most significant creation software, which would help in enhancing the 3D tools. Furthermore, Adobe appreciates the 3D modeling boundaries and creativity space provided by Medium. Adobe acquired the software to develop their platform where they can use all types of creative tools.

Moreover, Adobe also wants to take over the talented artists that work for Oculus Medium. The mixture of artists would probably lead to more creative innovations.

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