For Robots to Deliver Food to Restaurant, Bear Robotics is Raising Big Bucks

For Robots to Deliver Food to Restaurant, Bear Robotics is Raising Big Bucks

The increasing number of newly-introduced jobs clearly doesn’t have any end to it. For every other manual job, they usually get replaced by smart automated machines. From drivers to radiologists, to journalists though partially but their works are almost done by machines.

The Redwood City of 25-person, of Calif, started a robotic project-based start-up, Bear robotics is on its way. This is a two-year-old company who made robots to help the restaurants deliver foods to the customers. This company was founded to decrease the issues faced by the food industries such as to reduce workload, manage wages, lack of labor, product costs etc, as bear stated this in his own words.

A former Intel research scientist and the CEO, John Ha who is also long-termed technical lead at Google opened a restaurant once and closed it early. The CEO complained of facing some major issues regarding the food industry, which gave him a lot of trouble to be handled.

As the investors proceed on giving a huge amount for this start-up linked to the food industry, Bear has so far taken $10.2 million from dozens of investors to reach the $35.8 million round off, according to the SEC filing. The amount taken is not so huge for usual startups but it’s a big one for food industries, though a justified for a robotics-based start-up. As their first model named “Penny” spins and glides between the kitchen and dining tables, while the food is prepared.

Maybe this is what needed in all future restaurants to make a start with automated robots for easy handling. And, so the amount is equally justified for installation and mapping of robots. Moreover, most of the restaurants are delighted and ready to give a chance to this smart robot in their restaurant.

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