Ford Mustang EV to Enter the Arena in 2019, Goodwill Festival of Speed

Ford Mustang EV to Enter the Arena in 2019, Goodwill Festival of Speed

With due course of trend and necessity of this era, the very famous muscle car of U.S, Ford Mustang is going to enter the electric car market this year. But a surprising fact worth noting is that it is not from its original manufacturer Ford. Rather it is from a British start-up named Charge Cars. The mother company Ford’s electric cross over is yet getting ready and it is expected to take time.

Charge Cars have chosen Festival of Speed in Britain being organized in the month of July to welcome their first car in the market. Sadly, Mustang EV will not take part in the Festival’s hill climb event. It is expected to be displayed in Michelin’s Supercar Paddock. Still it worth to be there for this newbie in the market.

Charge Cars is going to use licensed 1960 Mustang shells, and the EV components will be from another company named Arrival. The assembly of both these has shown a mind-blowing performance. According to the numbers, the car touches 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds, with a top-notch speed of 149 mph.

The engine supplies power to all the wheels with its 885 feet of torque motor. The battery has a range of 200 miles with 50-kW DC fast charging. The exterior is looking cool with having a resemblance to the most famous Mustang shown in Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Charge cars are yet to reveal the interior. Looking at the exterior the expectations for the interior has also become sky high.

Here comes the most important question, how much we have pay? Most probably it will cost around 380,000$. It’s a pretty much penny but at the end of the day, it will give the satisfaction of possessing an exclusive masterpiece from 499 in the world.

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