GeFrorce, Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming Service Launched for $5 per Month

GeFrorce, Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming Service Launched for $5 per Month

Nvidia has finally decided to launch its cloud gaming service GeForce after a long run beta phase. GeForce does not provide a console-like experience for its own line of games unlike Google’s Stadia, whereas it lets you connect through your Steam, Epic or account to let you play games purchased through these third-party platforms.

Although earlier it was a free service, GeForce will now run on a rent a gaming PC basis. The cost for GeForce now is $5 per month to access the Founders edition. Founders edition doesn’t have any restriction and it lets you play whenever you want and for as long as you want.

This will be the initial cost for the usage of the gaming service. The company surely is planning to increase its subscription plan cost in the near future. Nvidia also announces that users can try the service by creating a free account. The free service comes with a limited one-hour sessions and much lesser powerful hardware which will keep you in a queue if there are too many people are connected to the service while using the free service to launch the game.

As a user to use this service, people will have to download an app compatible with macOS, Windows and Android devices along with Nvidia Shield TV. The company currently have only nine data centers in the U.S., five in Europe, one in Korea and two in Japan. Hence, the service only be available in the nearby areas of these data center to reduce the latency which limits the usage of the cloud service to specific areas across the globe.

Along with the launch of the game, Nvidia also going to optimize the games for the platform and that will be done on one at a time basis.
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