Google Cloud’s Run Rate Has Crossed $8B

Google Cloud’s Run Rate Has Crossed $8B

It’s been pretty much time since google has reported anything about its revenues corresponding to its cloud business. In today’s announcement, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the cloud unit has an $8 billion annual revenue run rate despite the positioning of former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian as the new head of Google cloud. That has increased from $4 billion the company reported in early 2018.

While Google often felt like an also-ran in the cloud wars, it’s starting to make up some ground. Kurian told that “Other cloud providers would’ve you believe that no one is Google which is not true” earlier this year. The released numbers have made the claim concrete.

To understand the number of games more accurately we can look into the run rate of other players in the arena. AWS’s run rate has become $30 billion last quarter taking it to the top. Microsoft Azure is somewhere in between with $11 billion through concrete numbers are hard to access.

“Q2 was another strong quarter for Google Cloud that reached an annual revenue run rate of over $8 billion and continues to grow at a significant pace. Customers are choosing Google Cloud for a lot of reasons: reliability & uptime are critical. Retailers like Lowe’s are leveraging the cloud as one of the important tools to transform their customer experience & the supply chain.” Pichai stated.

Google CEO has observed customer want as well as a need for the freedom to move to the cloud in their way which Google competitors achieved earlier to Google. With Anthos and other initiatives, the company is catching up, though. Like others Pichai also focusing more on Google’s role in pushing AI.

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