Google to have Initiated a New Web Portal for Small Businesses

Tech giant Google launched a new Web portal on the occasion of the International small business day. This website is basically designed to suggest products that are potentially the best of their kind for a specific business.

The news is spread from New York City where Google has its Grow with Google learning center. Basically, in this centre, Google provides a variety of classes and workshops. It was said by Kim Spalding, “Google’s global product director for small business ads that the website is designed in a way to “give everyone a place to start with Google products”.

Spalding suggested that the portal is designed in a way that it can be useful for everyone, whether a small scale business owner or large scale business owner. The major issues that this website is going to resolve are the issues of time management and digital marketing as because these are found to be the most struggled fields by small scale business owners.

So, all one needs to do is fill some specific details about their business and Google will then provide a list of suggestions that would contain ideas about launching campaigns, building up an online presence, or the installation of Google Analytic.

The whole concept of the website is to suggest potential products; also the website is linked with two other tools to make the work even better. These tools are Google my business and smart campaign by Google both come in handy, the first one allows business owners to have a profile and websites of their own and the second one is there to automate the ad-buying process for small business. The smart campaign was launched by Google last year.

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