Google to Incorporate Recycled Materials in its Every Hardware Product by 2022

Today, Google took the pledge to incorporate recycled materials in almost every product (that is made by Google) by 2022. At present, their portfolio consists of hardware such as Pixel phones, Google Home speakers, Pixelbooks, Nest, along with other accessories such as phone cases and charging stands.

Google, during an interview with Fast Company, stated that it had started with the use of recycled plastic in Chromecast devices. They also have started to use plastic bottles for creating the fabric on Google Homes as well as cases; however, the move is followed by Apple’s green initiative of using recycled materials in Apple products.
Samsung, earlier this year, also declared a pledge which was similar and promised to utilize sustainable materials in their product packaging. Moreover, along with the use of recycled materials, Google also has mentioned that it is going to pledge for making all of their shipments, which will be sent out, carbon neutral by 2020 in order to advertise sustainability in the hardware division.

Anna Meegan, head of sustainability of Google, in an interview with Fast Company, stated that the team has been worthy of reducing emissions by about 40 percent when they switched from air shipments to cargo. Moreover, that mission simply points to the team needs for better forecasting of their production as well as development process since cargo shipments are prone to take longer as compared to air shipments.

If you are interested, at present, Google is also offering a recycling partnership program, which is going to provide you with a shipping label in order to send in Google devices, which you don’t need now. Apart from that, this program by Google is presently limited to the US.

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