Google will Use Data Tech for Innovations, French Drugmaker Sanofi

Google will Use Data Tech for Innovations, French Drugmaker Sanofi

• Sanofi and Google will be using data sets for improving their knowledge of key diseases, decode patients’ insights including their feedback
• The partnership is to combine the biologic innovations of Sanofi and scientific data with industry-leading abilities of Google.

PARIS (Reuters) – Sanofi, the French healthcare firm has joined with Google for executing on the innovations, which typically aim at the use of emerging data technologies for changing how health services including medicines will be delivered in the upcoming years.

Sanofi and Google are ready for using the data sets in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding for the key diseases, decode insights and feedback from the patients, both of these companies have said in a statement that has come out as their combined statement.

“Combining Sanofi’s biologic innovations and scientific data with Google’s industry-leading capabilities, from cloud computing to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we aspire to give people more control over their health and accelerate the discovery of new therapies,” mentioned the chief medical officer & executive vice-president of Sanofi, Ameet Nathwani.

According to their further statement, this would help Sanofi to be able in researching as well as developing a more personalized and better approach in order to treat, and get to know about accompanying technologies so they can further improve results.

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