HP’s Elite Dragonfly series to Get Tile’s Tracking Technology

HP’s Elite Dragonfly series to Get Tile’s Tracking Technology

HP, a PC giant announced at CES 2020 that it is going to integrate Tile’s tracking technology into the laptops manufactured by the company. Elite Dragonfly series will be the first which will be integrated with the technology and the first model with this technology will be releases in the first quarter of this year.

Tile is a Bay area-based company providing Bluetooth-enabled devices and a Tile app to make everything findable. The laptops enabled with the technology will have to be LinkedIn with the company’s Tile app which will help you track your missing laptops. For the starter, HP will be integrating these devices in very few models, however, the company surely plan to integrate this system in all its product line to differentiate devices.

The App and device developed by the company will be used not just to note the last place the laptop was seen but it will also locate the devices even when they are not connected to the WiFi network or switched off. The range of these laptops will be similar to that of the Tile’s other standalone devices and it will also feature a ringing feature to find misplaces devices.

This decision was taken by HP after they conducted a survey through which 72 percent of the people responded that the ability to find a lost or misplaced laptop would provide extremely good value in their purchasing decisions.
However, the announcement just camp around CES 2020, HP hasn’t declared any pricing associated with its Tile integrated devices. On the other hand, in a normal scenario, the company’s Elite Dragonfly model is one of the costliest ones in the market which will become further of premium value once the new feature of tracking is introduced in the models.

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