HSBC Bank USA Launches the Digital Lending Platform with Amount

HSBC Bank USA Launches the Digital Lending Platform with Amount

HSBC Bank USA along with Amount, a Chicago based end-to-end technology platform now have a new personalized digital lending system that works as a platform. HSBC USA is a branch of UK headquartered HSBC group. On Monday, HSBC Bank USA announced the induction of its new platform that is basically made to help customers in the US to have eased while applying for personal loans.

Marcos Meneguzzi, Head of Cards and Unsecured Lending, Retail Banking and Wealth Management made this collaboration by keeping in mind the problems faced by customers specifically in the US.

HSBC USA in an interview stated, “We listened to our customers and understand the market intimately. With the launch of this product, we’re addressing a significant customer need and tapping into a rapidly growing segment of the consumer lending marketplace.”

“This platform further enables HSBC to grow our business beyond our physical footprint while maintaining our focus on high-quality customers who want to build a broader relationship with the bank,” stated by Meneguzzi in an interview. Marcos while presenting his idea about this collaboration said that this new platform is totally for the empowerment of customers and is focused on evaluating their loan and to complete their loan application faster and error-free.

This plan includes a sub-plan that will allow the user to get the balance as fast as the very next day. HSBC as of now said that they will lend amounts up to $30,000 for a duration ranging from two to five years.

The Amount platform is made entirely for HSBC’s features and it’s specifications that include proprietary risk models that will allow the bank to make the whole process as seamless and hassle-free as possible to enhance the whole customer experience. According to HSBC this a plan devoted to the betterment of the whole customer segment of the chain.

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