Huawei has to ‘wait a little bit longer’ to become the Biggest Smartphone Brand Globally, Exec Says

Huawei has to ‘wait a little bit longer’ to become the Biggest Smartphone Brand Globally, Exec Says

As per the company’s senior executive, Huawei needs a wait from getting titled as the world’s largest smartphone brand, facing just due to the tough time caused by the United States.

On Tuesday, Shanghai held a conference named CES Asia Conference where the chief strategy officer at consumer business named Shao Yang mentioned recently Huawei was tagged as “the second-largest company in terms of sales” and would have reached no.1 till the end date of the year. But now, waiting is necessary for achieving the best as title, without giving in many details.

Huawei products seem to pose a national security risk for which they have been denied frequently. US export ban already postponed some of Huawei smartphones launch and also forced some partners of Silicon Valley to restrict their ties with them.

Facebook disclosed it’s a decision regarding suspension of its pre-installing software for apps like Insta & WhatsApp on Huawei smartphones, on weeks later Google also discussed its plan of pulling back on providing its Android OS to Huawei, on Friday.

If Huawei can still be able to operate in Microsoft & Google environment that would seriously be great. Moreover, they have been building up a backup operating system of their own. Due to temporary reprieve held prior month under the US Commerce Department, Google will be seen validating updates in the existing smartphones of Huawei, from now on.

Yang was also seen discussing the relationship of Huawei with Google, where he said “is a complex issue” and also expressed about their contribution over the Android open-source platform. Yang was seen sharing the setbacks received by the company, also revealed the vision & the project strength in terms of consumer business development of the company, wherein improvisation of connectivity inside homes & vehicles were focused on.

His words deeply reflected the soul & aim of their working, he said: “We see beyond 5G and for it, we just need to find a direction in the new stage of the competition”.

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