Huawei to Unveils Mate X Foldable 5G Phone

Huawei to Unveils Mate X Foldable 5G Phone

Huawei has divulged a new bending screen phone, which is one of the trending technology practiced by major global players. Mate X phone can be used on super fast mobile networks.

Screen folding devices are considered to be the next step big thing by the leading manufacturers, due to the latest innovation. Though the market has the restricted users at the initial level, as predicted by the analysts.

Mate X has the bigger screens, long lasting battery which makes unique amongst the competitors. It will be sold for 2299 Euros, which is even more than Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Fold. Being unfolded, the device is as compact as a small tablet, while the size goes to 8 inches diagonally making it as compact as a small tablet.

Huawei has furtively become an industry to enter into new markets, through its technology and best line up of phones ranging affordable to luxuries. The organisation is to still to mark their presence in the USA, it’s a long to create brand awareness. But the gaps can be bridged by promotion, tie ups and partnering with the clients across the globe.

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