Introducing Smart eRosary for Tech-savvy Youngsters

Introducing Smart eRosary for Tech-savvy Youngsters

With an intention to engage the tech-savvy youngsters in traditional prayer, a technology-driven, innovative wearable rosary was lately launched by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. The smart device was clearly launched with an aim to pray for the peace of the world.

Click to Pray eRosary was launched at a press conference at Vatican City. It is designed as a tech-based praying tool which gets activated by making a cross sign. The unique wearable device can also be worn as a bracelet since it is made up of hematite rosary beads and black agate.

The project comes across as a great amalgamation of traditional spirituality and technology innovation. Click to Pray eRosary will teach the wearers how to pray to the rosary, how to envisage the gospel and how to pray for peace. The device also keeps track of the rosaries completed, along with that, it also shows the user’s progress with each prayer.

Wearers can connect the rosary with the free app of the same name which gives access to the audio guide, personalized content and limited images, related to praying for Rosary.

The technology design of this unique spiritual tech device is made by GadgeTek Inc. (GTI), a renowned technology company known for crafting cutting-edge, new-age lifestyle gadgets.

After the product got launched, the journalists and other guests at the conference was given a chance to test the Click to Pray eRosary as a demo.

This smart Rosary device is an initiative of the “Click To Pray” family which is an official prayer app of Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. The smart device can be either purchased from their official site or from Amazon.
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