LIV Raises $1M from Renowned Investors Oculus Founder and Seedcamp

LIV, a Prague-based company founded in 2016 is all set to raise your expectations in the field of VR gaming and bringing players and spectators a bit closer together. Being quite ambitious, LIV has successfully bagged $1 million in funds from noteworthy investors.

The list of renowned investors includes the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, CEO & co-founder of Beat Games, Jaroslav Beck, accelerator TechStars, VR Company VIVE, Prague’s Credo Ventures and mixed reality production specialist Splitverse.

After getting such a modest raise, LIV wants to present an absolute integrated and modified platform to VR gaming. On this note, LIV co-founder AJ Shewki said, “Creating content in VR is incredibly hard, there are no tools for it, and no shareable content form factor that conveys the experience of being in VR.” He further added, “LIV empowers developers and content creators to grow their audience through shareable VR content. Developers integrate our SDK, and content creators are then able to create content with those games and experiences using the LIV App. The content format is called ‘Mixed Reality Capture (MRC).’

As per the founders, LIV App will give streamers tools to broadcast themselves as themselves or portray as their favorite avatars. The app will at least support 100s of avatars if not thousands, including the viral Japanese VRM avatar format. Along with this, this app will also bring features like stream chat, stream alerts, scene controls and camera controls using their 3D overlay system.

Moreover, the real motive of taking this step is to engage viewers by letting all of them participate in different ways. In a nutshell, founders are trying to boost their creativity level to provide their users with an entirely new experience by merging real and gaming worlds.

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