Maniv Mobility, the VC Firm Raises $100 Million from Automakers

Maniv Mobility, the VC Firm Raises $100 Million from Automakers

The Israel-based VC firm, Maniv Mobility, stated that on Tuesday they have closed a $100 million fund that’s backed by a total of 12 corporations that include Aptiv, Hyundai, Lear Corp, BMW, and others. Officially, the firm considers 2016 as its launch date. However, there were smaller investments being made back in the year 2015. The VC started to raise its 1st fund in 2016 that ended up at $44 million.

Sakkers recently stated to TechCrunch, “We call ourselves an accidental VC.” From the very beginning, they focused on the point that there is a serious disruption going on in mobility and when they work closely with founders, it allows them to come up with their technology. He further added, “We’ve just realized that running a VC is the most effective way for us to do that.”

From the newly raised fund, the VC firm has made 5 investments, which include car subscription startup (Based in Spain) Bipi and Revel. The remaining 3 haven’t been declared yet, however, one is a startup which is focused on digital insurance firm and another is food delivery.

Maniv Mobility, the VC firm is basically focused on mobility. But working with partners in North America, Europe, Israel, it’s making a worldwide investment approach in India as well as other Asian markets. In a recent interview with Techcrunch, Sakkers stated, “Mobility is a very global game. That’s something that we want to pursue plus, our network of investors actually wants global exposure.”

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