Microsoft Reports a Strong Fiscal First Quarter-Azure’s Continuous Decline

Microsoft Reports a Strong Fiscal First Quarter-Azure’s Continuous Decline

The quarter results declared today by the Microsoft were beyond the expectations, however, the growth rate of Azure’s continues to decline while it competes with AWS. The revenue for the first quarter of the fiscal year got raised to 14% by the company, year-over-year to $ 33.1 billion. The net income is increased of the company to be increased by 21% to $ 10.7 billion per $ 1.38 billion market share.

The productivity of the Microsoft and Business Processes segment which includes its official products and LinkedIn sees its revenue growth of 13% to $ 11.1 billion which is again increased to 25%. Moreover, the revenue of its Intelligent Cloud segment raised by 27% to $10.8 billion, along with the revenue from server products and cloud services are growing continuously by 30%.

As the Azure’s revenue has risen to 39% stated by the company, it represents a declined growth rate which was seen in the earlier year while the revenue was declared. When the Azure have stated growth of 76%, then the declined rate started by that fall down year. Since then, the fall down of rate has been increasing while currently showing a dropdown from the 64% growth rate seen in the previous year.

By 4% the revenue from Microsoft’s personal computing grew up till $ 11.1 billion. The company’s next expected revenue for the 2nd quarter shall be in the range of $35.1 billion to 35.95 billion. And might be a growth rate can be seen after this sudden fall down.

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