New Data Privacy Law by California can Impact the Internet in the U.S

New Data Privacy Law by California can Impact the Internet in the U.S

California, after realizing the need of the time to protect its citizens’ private data from the tech giants of this era, passed a law named “The California Consumer Privacy Act”. It has been brought with an intention to enforce some of the very hard and fast rules on how technopreneur handle and collect user data.

California will be the first in its country to do such an enthusiastic endeavor to protect the privacy of its people. It will come into action form 1st January 2020. Xavier Becerra, whose office will lead the right enforcement of this law, has expressed his worries and concerns about the future path and how it will work.

California is making people able to gain knowledge about the information collected by companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. Californian people will also get the power to refuse to let them the sale of their data.

The law has given a clear and broad definition of sale as “disclosing, disseminating, making available, and transferring” of data. The law demands a “clear and conspicuous” area to click on a website particularly titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”.

Start-ups and small firms have given relaxation as the law is applicable to the firm with annual gross revenue in excess of 25$ million or having accumulated personal information for 50,000 users. It also tries to bring a limit to the user tracking and follow up ads. A website can’t give ads on the information about what the user was browsing on the other site.

The last-minute modifications and editing are going on and a group of lobbyist, advocates & tech experts is sweating day and night to make the law industry-friendly. On the other hand, privacy advocates are trying hard to make users data safer.

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