Solar Panel Business Relaunched by Tesla – Public can Rent One for $50 Per Month

Solar Panel Business Relaunched by Tesla – Public can Rent One for $50 Per Month

Tesla’s solar vision gets relaunched after a long time; as being in this long-term business, it really requires the patience and hard work behind this project. Around $50, the solar panels would be given on rent for public use.
Tesla is trying to promote its solar panel strategic business by allowing the panels for rent to the public for their ease. Rather than buying them, the public would be now able to rent them for their rooftops at an affordable rate like $50 for a monthly basis. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk notified these statements through several tweets last Sunday.

In this business, strategies offered to California is worthy as a resident over 6 states can hire the solar power systems monthly with just $50 or $65 for minimal configurations. Musk also added that the consumers will be able to cancel the offer at any time, but will have the removal and renovating charges of the roof worth $1500.

Apart from that, this monthly offer can be availed in various places. Besides California, Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Mexico were the added ones in the list of monthly rental offers proposed by Tesla.

Tesla is the electric car maker, which brought this residential solar installer SolarCity of worth $2.6 billion in the year 2016. But the installations were force stopped in the quarterly recent months. Tesla said they have now stopped selling those systems in Home Depot stores.

And as of now, this residential installation process of SolarCity has stopped. But the relaunch of this residential Solar Panels with some modifications in their strategies would surely benefit the Tesla company. Moreover, the monthly rental offer to people over 6 different cities will be added as a bonus to Tesla’s new business.

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