SpaceX Starlink Internet Satellites Are Key to Funding Elon Musk, Mars vision!

SpaceX Starlink Internet Satellites Are Key to Funding Elon Musk, Mars vision!

On Wednesday, Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX was seen representing the working of Starlink satellite network by aiming at the astronauts being sent to Mars, representing this key feature as the brilliant money-maker.
Musk was seen first time speaking directly to the network’s timeline and disclosing the working highlights of the company’s satellite. He also assured the fact of having the required capital for the completion of the first major phase of the project.

Starlink has been seen representing the ambitious plan of the company by building up an interconnected network terming as “constellation”, where high-speed internet will be maintained on anywhere of the entire planet. The Starlink network would consist of 11,943 satellites flying close to the planet, telecasting low Earth orbit.
Recorded words of Musk, follows as “SpaceX is certainly visible as a source to generate revenue which can ultimately help in the development of advanced spaceships and rockets. Starlink revenue can be used as funding to Starship”.

The launch of Falcon Series of Rockets has been explored both in structure and working more than 70 times. Now in months, the testing of the massive SpaceX rocket is in existence.

The design of Starship is the launch system which is fully reusable and carries the capacity of more than 100 people to & from the moon to Mars, at a single visit.

On Wednesday, certain clarifications were laid on the basis of fundraising. It was recorded as the need of the hour for building & launching of the satellites for properly using the network. Musk also shared the 60 Starlink Satellites, which were packed into nosecone of the Falcon 9 Rocket, on Saturday.

Musk, through his words, recorded factual points, which are as “More than six launches are required, each with 60 satellites enhancing the ‘minor coverage’ for the overall internet network. The ‘moderate coverage’ can only be seen functional with near about 720 satellites”.

He has also remarked this project being the toughest of all the engineering projects, Musk was part of. He added,”No traditional telecommunication would be seen replaced by it. Instead, this will highlight the working at its best just like the two partners working together on the same thing. It’s just being a possible strategic partner to the telecommunication industry”.

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