Travellers Surprised Seeing Talking Gargoyle at Denver’s International Airport

Travellers Surprised Seeing Talking Gargoyle at Denver’s International Airport

Beware, if you are walking around at the Denver’s International Airport as you will meet a gargoyle statue that talks funny, sarcastic and really weird. Yes, the airport has a spooky gargoyle statue at the main terminal that surprisingly interacts with the passerby.

A video posted on YouTube shows that the travellers are shocked as they are welcomed by the gargoyle which claims the airport to be Illuminati Headquarters. The statue not at all talk non-sense, it in fact interacts with you and also exposes the conspiracy theories.

The interactive gargoyle says it’s 243 years old and in a very playful manner, it talks to the travellers and gives them a good belly laugh. Some find it humorous, some find it creepy, but overall it certainly grabs attention.

Many people are sceptical about this robot who knows everything. Well, this is not the first time, Denver airport is known for such mystery stories. Right from the moment, it was built in1994, before, gargoyle, the airport was well-known for its multiple delays, bizarre murals, a rearing horse statue of 32 foot, Freemasons ties and other such famous features that has convinced the travellers that the airport is more than just an airport.

The talking gargoyle promotional video was posted on the 24th birthday of the Airport. The statue instantly cracked funny cum sarcastic jokes and along with few laughs, also gave the travellers 2 cents. The interactive statue comes across as a perfect blend of creativity and technology.

Denver’s International Airport is also humongous, almost double of the size of Manhattan and is built at an astronomic cost.

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