Two New Audio Devices Launched by Roku: Smart Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer

Two New Audio Devices Launched by Roku: Smart Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer

Last year as Roku entered in the speaker business with their debut Roku TV wireless speakers, expanded their portfolio for audio device catalog. They launched two new audio devices: the Roku Smart Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer each costing $180.

The newly introduced audio devices are made in such a smart way that not only the Roku brand but this audio device will be compatible with all the brands with high streaming quality and bass. Likely, the consumers will experience the most upgraded streaming version with enhanced sounds.“We have these fantastic, new 4K giant TVs that don’t really have space for good speakers,” said the VP of Product Management Mark Ely, Roku.

VP further added, “And that’s compounded by audio volume levels that have been all over the map, from loud commercials to really quiet dialog passages in movies. That has people constantly hitting the volume controls on the remote.”

As of now, Roku has been planning quite a lot regarding curation of ordinary audio devices to smart ones such that it automatically gets controlled accordingly with highly or low based sounds in movies. This curation would allow them to pair the compatible devices with premium sounds to adapt to the changes done and required by them.
Many new features were added up by Roku for their new audio devices like enhanced clarity and depth of sounds. It also supports the ports like HDMI and has Bluetooth connection for streaming. Alexa, google assistants are too compatible with Roku audio devices if you have them at home.

The second device wireless Subwoofer by Roku is exclusively designed just to give you an enhanced theatre-like view which is also a simpler version and compatible with Roku Wireless Soundbar. It’s also added up as a feature for non-Roku users.

The premium qualities though haven’t been out but it’s on pre-order sale at their site And surprisingly the prices are lesser in comparison to Wireless Speakers.

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