US Names Pakistan, 58 Nations condemn Pulwama Attacks!

US Names Pakistan, 58 Nations condemn Pulwama Attacks!

Body India has positioned itself as very diplomatic offensive to garner support against Pakistan on day-two of its engagement with the envoys of several nations. Foreign secretaries and senior officials sent out a strong message that nations who haven’t condemned the Pulwama attack need to put out a strong statements. India and decided to go over the edge and it has given specific instruction were already given to name Pakistan and a simple not of condemnation will not be enough.

So far 58 countries have put out a statement to condemn the recent attacks, and one country, USA has openly named Pakistan. US has already done this thrice in the past as well. A White House by secretary Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton have also asked Pakistan to dismantle all terror infrastructure which exists in the country.

On the other hand, Pakistan has rejected India’s all allegations by calling them insinuation done by India. Whereas, Pakistan Foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua has also engaged with envoys of various nations, the P5 and Non-permanent members of the UNSC to put forth Islamabad’s positions on the attacks.

Indian foreign secretary and other secretaries met a number of resident envoys which included ASEAN ambassadors, Gulf Cooperation Council, Central Asia, Africa along with several envoys from non-permanent members of the UNSC,.

India has also strongly rejected the denial of Pakistan on its involvement in the attacks they further highlighted the role of Pakistan in using terrorism as an instrument of its state policy. Many of the countries made references to cross-border terrorism. Iran however was the only country that named Pakistan for the terror strike that took on Wednesday killing 27 troops of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRG) and not regarding the Pulwama attacks.

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