Viral Infections to get Detected with the Cutting-edge Mobile Technology

Viral Infections to get Detected with the Cutting-edge Mobile Technology

Technology seems to exceed humanity in almost every field, even the healthcare sector. Diagnosing infection in an instant is now possible with mobile technology. Scientists have now cropped up with an innovative small, portable gene sequencing technology. Dangerous viruses like Zika or eBola can effortlessly get detected by this new mobile technology.

According to the researchers, virus detection is not only quick but safe too as the transfer of contaminated samples is extensively avoided. They further added that The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) is the first lab to test and demonstrate the technique in plant virology.

A renowned virologist from CIRAD revealed that this innovative technology for diagnosing the virus is denoted by the production of long nucleotide sequences which has the ability to sequence the complete viral genome. The test was primarily conducted on an affected yam plant, within a few hours the complete sequence genome was produced that consisted of two single strands of RNA viruses – one was macluravirus and the other a potyvirus.

According to the researchers, the test executed on plant shows that real time diagnosis of seasonal, chronic or emerging diseases is possible, even in isolated conditions. Hence, in the
case of human virology, the technology shows positive signs of cutting down the extended time between sampling and detection of viruses. It, in short, will effectively aid in identifying harmful organisms at an early stage which in turn will also help in the early and timely treatment which can save many human lives.

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