VMware Declares Intent for Buying Avi Networks, Startup that Raised $115M

VMware Declares Intent for Buying Avi Networks, Startup that Raised $115M

Reinvention phase for VMware as a company is being decided where a simple managing & building virtual machines to a complete organized way of managing your virtual machines on any of their locations be it on the public cloud or on Prem.

Announcement of purchasing a six-year-old start-up company named Avi Networks was made today. This will help the company balance the delivery of applications on Prem or the cloud, which makes it a pretty good deal. Price is still not unveiled.

Avi has been claimed as one of the best modern alternatives to working as designed for the age which survived on Prem in the data center of the company. As the trend of AWS, Google Cloud & Azure is been reflected, Avi acts as a load balancing tool, by balancing everything from software resource requirements to being a tracker for the data behind.

VMware is really seen focused on the ways to help companies managing in a consistent way their infrastructure while Avi is acting as a bright star helping them conquer load-balancing & the monitoring stuff. Tom Hollis at VMware as a senior vice president for the security & networking unit also makes his wording regarding the acquisition, where he praises it and also marks it healthy for their vision of Virtual Cloud Network.

The combination of Avi with VMware NSX will enable companies to be responsive to the various new opportunities & also the threats, creating significant new models for business & delivering services to all data & applications, be it at whatever locations.

Co-founders of Avi also expressed their happiness regarding the combination with VMware, in a blog post. They say it is the perfect alignment of culture, technology with vision and products with go-to-market. As per Crunchbase data the company has raised $115 million & was founded in the year 2012. Menlo Ventures, Greylock & Lightspeed Venture Partners are the investors.

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