Walt Disney Studios Partner with Microsoft Azure on Cloud Innovation Club

Walt Disney Studios Partner with Microsoft Azure on Cloud Innovation Club

Walt Disney Studios announces a five-year partnership today with Microsoft around an innovation lab to find ways to shift content production to the Azure cloud. This project includes the Walt Disney Studio LAB, which gives a space for innovations where Disney personnel are allowed to experiment freely according to the cloud setup and workflows. The movie production software company Avid is also involved for the same.

The main motive is to bring the three parties together and work in a group together so that the outcome is something unique and innovative. As the free work space was allotted to them, so they are expected to bring the creativeness in their work that should be cloud-based and ignite the innovative cycle of prestigious movie maker.
Presently, all the bigger companies, regardless of their core business, are in search of such innovative and creative projects which have the eligibility to run longer and enhance more technically. And Disney is just the one to be fitted.

The movie-making process is all that involves mainly the cloud making which is the perfect model to boost up or down the resources. This boosting up and down tells the number of flaws to remove scenes or to add some special lights or effects. As said by Jamie Voris CTO of Disney, that’s the required process exactly to ensure efficiency and lessen the cost.

Many such processes allow the streamline for both the companies to focus more on talented filmmakers which will provide them, what the cloud actually requires to gain its acceleration.

While creativity and innovative tasks would be handled by the partners to excel in the market, the technical part is left to the technological tools. This built partnership starts initially with a pre-built relation between Microsoft and Avid. The former had some cloud-based designs created under the group works assigned. But Disney will add some more unique features to it which will have immense velocity in this movie-making field.

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