Xbox Live coming soon to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

Xbox Live coming soon to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

Microsoft at the Game Developers Conference in its presentation titled – Xbox Live: Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, and PC announced its plan to release a new cross-platform developer kit which will bring Xbox Live functions to ovet 2 billion devices.

However, Microsoft did not present how this software will work but now they will let iOS and Android users to play against gamers using PC or Xbox One. This cross-platform play was presented as a part of Microsoft’s pitch to developer and producers who are planning bring multi-platform strategy. By means of this cross platform play, most active, engaged players will be brought into a community where they can watch, buy, play, pause, and continue their games from one device to the next with most reliable social and multiplayer network.

Microsoft has already showcased its Project xCloud idea which will provide users the ability to possibly play more games between the Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has a more closed platform with stricter control on apps and games are availability. It also lacks most seemingly standard streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. But now with Microsoft expanding to Switch, we can say this may happen in the near future.

This idea of cross-platform play took a new momentum since last year when Fortnite grew to popularity. Its publisher Epic Games making it available on all major platforms and working with the gaming powerhouses to allow players to battle each other regardless of device or system.

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