Drastic 50% Fall of Apple iPhones Shipment in India

Drastic 50% Fall of Apple iPhones Shipment in India

Where the launch of new smartphones is on the rise, the market leader Apple iPhone is witnessing drastic downfall in Indian market. According to a report, the unbelievably high price tags of the latest iPhones is one of the prime reasons for the drop in shipments. There is around 2 million fall as compared to 2017 in 2018 which indicates where the drop rate is 50%.

The China company OnePlus is now considered as a premium brand in smartphone segment in India. The brand had shipped an estimate of 500,000 units whereas Apple shipped an approximate 400,000, last year.

The new line up of iPhones is highly priced that has failed to catch the attention of the buyers. Even though the company is offering payment schemes like EMI options, cashback offers, 0% down payment, nothing worked in favour of Apple. In fact, the earlier versions like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus also didn’t show great results despite being comparatively low priced.

Unfortunately 2018 had been a tough year for Apple in the Indian market but still, the company intends to grow its business in the same market. While at the same time, it surely doesn’t wish to lose its brand equity in the country so even the prices are not expected to get slashed.

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