Ford’s F-150 to Get Remake in All-Electric

Ford’s F-150 to Get Remake in All-Electric

Ford has decided to make an all-electric plugin version of America’s most popular vehicle – F-150 pickup truck. Ford President, Jim Farley announce last week that they going to electrify the F-series – Battery electric and Hybrid.

However, apart from this there are not details available on the truck yet, not about how and when will this vehicle be made available in the market. These F-series trucks including F-150 have been the bestselling vehicles in America for over a decade which accounts for about one third pf the Ford’s sales as well as majority of share of the company’s profit.

Ford’s truck is available in basic version as well as with options and features which competes with rival luxury cars with opulence and price. The reason behind announcing the electric cars because they would be ideal for customers with the right needs. Ford had already announced that it would make hybrid version of F-150.

The electric truck would be ideal for customer who do not travel long distances every day. It can also tow and haul without using any gasoline or diesel fuel. There are competitors like Tesla who are trying to do the same, however Ford’ experience in trucking business and brand position in truck buyer will provide a upper hand to the company.

Farley during an interview at the New York Auto Show said, “the customer are very diversified in the trucking area and there are some subsets of customers who will love an all-electric version of trucks as it reduces the cost of ownership and regular maintenance.”

Apart from Ford, Tesla and some start-up companies, like Michigan-based Rivian Automotive have also been planning to make all-electric trucks.

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