Google Launches Android 11’s First Developer Preview

Google Launches Android 11’s First Developer Preview

Google announced the first developer preview of Android 11 that will be now available as system images starting with the Pixel 2 and later for all Google’s own Pixel devices. However, there is no way to install the updates over the air and it will be available in the later stage once made available by the company.

Android 11’s first releases are majorly meant for the developers and not for the regular users so that developers can test their applications and get a head start on making use of the latest features in the operating system. Google’s VP of Engineering, Dave Burke said, “With Android 11 we’re keeping our focus on helping users take advantage of the latest innovations while continuing to keep privacy and security a top priority.” He further added, “We’ve added multiple new features to help users manage access to sensitive data and files, and we’ve hardened critical areas of the platform to keep the OS resilient and secure.”

Android 11 will provide a ton of new capabilities to app developers like enhancements for foldable and 5G, call-screening APIs, new media and camera capabilities, machine learning, and more. With this update, Google will be able to update critical parts of the operating system without relying on device manufacturers’ permissions and these updates will be available through the company’s Google Play infrastructure.

Android 11 users will get features like waterfall screens that cover a device’s edges using a new API to manage interactions near those edges, dedicated conversation section in the notification shade, new chat bubbles API and option to insert images into replies you want to send from the notifications pane. Google will also add number of new privacy and security features to Android 11 which will include one-time permissions for sensitive types of data, as well as updates to how the OS handles data on external storage.
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