Google to Update Terms of Service on March 31

Google to Update Terms of Service on March 31

Google, US bases search engine giant has been alerting its user that it will update its terms of service (ToS) from March 31. The updated terms of service claims to offer “improved readability” and “better communication” along with addition of Chrome/OS and Google Drive to the ToS. The company also announced that they have made changes to its Privacy Policy.

The email notification was sent by Google to its users mentioning the change in its ToS and privacy policy. Additionally, Google has also started displaying a warning to people using Microsoft’s new Edge browser while accessing Chrome web store. The company has recently added the notification to the Chrome web store which detects when a user is installing extensions to Microsoft Edge.

The extension simply explains that Google “recommends” using Chrome instead of Edge to use extensions “securely”.

Google has mentioned the new terms of service will improve readability, and provide better communication.
Image Courtesy:9to5google

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