HBO launched ‘Recommended by Humans’ tool For Helping you Escape Algorithm Nightmares

Based on their newly launched human tool named Recommended by Humans, HBO is here to help with Streaming service algorithms. This will help in the pull from fan tweets or/and video suggestions in order to recommend various documentaries or series, which people must be watching.

There are movies, 50 free episodes, and documentaries that are available on this website, which also makes it feel as a tool designed for marketing and to provide the customers with a hint of HBO shows so they are here to sign up. People are able to watch fans’ mini-reviews on why they prefer watching a few shows such as the Zendaya or/and the famous miniseries, Chernobyl.

The tool had been created in order to showcase the “emotional connection HBO viewers are having with the network’s programming and illustrate the power of recommendations from real humans who, simply put, really do love television,” as told in a press release.

The algorithm problems of not suggesting the show to the appropriate audience or now showing series completely have been an important part of Tuca & Bertie creator Lisa Hanawalt’s thread regarding the cancellation of her show. This show cancellation led others too to question if the algorithm could affect their shows as well.

“I’m co-creator of a Netflix original, The Dragon Prince, previously head writer of Avatar: The Last Airbender,” Aaron Ehasz tweeted. “If you liked ATLA, you might like TDP — but I meet so many people who tell me that they love Avatar, they have Netflix, and they have never heard of The Dragon Prince.”

Moreover, “Television shows are not really like cars or operating systems, and they aren’t best made by engineers or coders in the similar assembly line manner as consumer products which need to be of uniform size, shape, and quality,” Landgraf stated.

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