Microsoft’s Xbox Series X to Provide Game Resume Option even after a Reboot

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X to Provide Game Resume Option even after a Reboot

Microsoft recently announced various new specs for its next-gen Xbox Series X game console. The announcement was made through a new podcast where Microsoft’s Larry Hryb revealed they will provide new quick resume for multiple games that can allow users of Xbox Series X to resume games event after the console has rebooted.

Similar feature was used on the Xbox One to resume games by Microsoft but now the Xbox Series X will resume multiple games by taking them back from suspended state despite the fact whether you’re rebooting the console, switching games, or resuming from standby.

Larry Hryb in the podcast revealed, “I had to reboot because I had a system update, and then I went back to the game and went right back to it, so it survives a reboot.”

This feature will be useful for any dashboard updates that would usually interrupt any progress in a game. This move will reduce the habit of players who simply switch off a console and not worrying about save points.

Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, Jason Ronald also teased audience with something called audio ray tracing. Ronald explained, “With the introduction of hardware accelerated ray tracing with the Xbox series X, we’re actually able to enable a whole new set of scenarios, whether that’s more realistic lighting, better reflections, we can even use it for things like spatial audio and have ray traced audio.”

Next month, at the Game Developers Conference, the company is also planning to dig deeper into the dedicated hardware-acceleration for spatial audio for the Xbox Series X wherein Microsoft’s specialists will be planning to have a talk around how Microsoft is collaborating with game designers.

Along with this feature, Xbox Series X will include 12 teraflops of GPU performance which as compared to the Xbox One X has the double potential.

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