Optical Imaging Technique Developed to Detect Deep Cancer Tumours

Optical Imaging Technique Developed to Detect Deep Cancer Tumours

Recently researchers have come up with a new optical imaging technique to identify the tumours present deep in internal tissues. This technique will help to detect the tumours before the cancer cells multiply into hundreds. According to the sources, this innovative system is able to track 0.1 mm fluorescent probe to 8 cm depth tissue which is quite deeper as compared to the present technique of biomedical imaging.

The researchers are hoping to take this new technique proposal to the oncology imaging specialists which can be effective move for detecting earlier the ovarian and other type of cancers which are difficult to diagnose and also to treat during its progression or in late stage.

The new system makes use of hyperspectral imaging technique that works with different wavelengths of light. The hyperspectral imaging technique was first tested on rodents by injecting the fluorescent probes and it came up with positive outcome and offered helpful anatomic details. The researchers believe that this imaging technique can be a game-changer in detecting tumours earlier and also reducing the risk rate.

The sources further added that this imaging technology has entered the depth of CT and MRI without reducing its natural resolution and making it favourable to examine the complete human body.

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