Porsche to integrate Apple Music in Taycan – All Electric Sports Car

Porsche to integrate Apple Music in Taycan – All Electric Sports Car

Porsche revealed that it is planning to integrate Apple Music into its all electric sports car. This would be the first ever scenario within vehicle where music streaming will be offered as a standalone application. This announcement comes as a part of strategy efforts from Porsche to focus on digital entertainment through its vehicle.

This also marks as a step towards its alignment with Apple. This integration will be a part of its widely anticipate Taycan. Klaus Zellmer, North America CEO of Porsche said that this is not the end of our relationship between Apple and Porsche.

Apple CarPlay is an in-car platform which gives an impression of iPhone through vehicle’s central screen by means of look and feel. This platform has already been offered in several Porsche Models and now Taycan will be one more addition to the list. This collaboration will further rollout a fully integrated Apple Music App in rest of the Porsche lineup.

The company wanted end-user’s experience to be seamless as they would not have to go for additional sign-ins, phone pairing etc. options. Through this vehicle owner’s Apple ID will be connected to their Porsche Taycan ID to give the identical music content in your vehicle that of to your iPhone app. User’s will also be able to access the Apple Music through Porsche’s voice assistant helping them request songs, albums, playlists or radio stations.
As both brands share a very closes system philosophy, Porsche doesn’t support open source-based Android Auto which is a direct competitor to Apple CarPlay. However, Apple Music will be the only app that will ever be integrated into the Taycan or other Porsche vehicles.

Zellmar further also said, ‘’We always want to be in control of that system for privacy reasons. We don’t want our customers to be approached with marketing or advertising messages that are not relevant or adequate. We will always be very cautious about whom we grant access to our digital ecosystem in our cars. Another reason why Apple is our partner is because they have exactly the same attitude.”

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