Salesforce to Acquire Tableau for 15 Billion USD

Salesforce to Acquire Tableau for 15 Billion USD

Software giant Salesforce has announced about acquiring Tableau, a data analytics company in the deal of USD 15.7. It would also include Class A & Class B as a common zone. Indeed, this will create a new era for the entire community.

This acquisition will increase Salesforce opportunity by helping their users benefit from unlocking more value from the desired by enhancing customer experiences, in just USD 1.8 trillion. The announcement made on Monday was about of Salesforce biggest transaction done in time. Tableau will incorporate Salesforce of San Francisco, deeper than recorded previously, into its intelligence business market. Firstly, investors were a little skeptical but then it was handled.

Marc Benioff & Keith Block, the co-chief executive officers once promised $28 billion a year, revenue by 2023 fiscal. The main concern of investors was the slow growth in the field of cloud applications. Therefore, Tableau would be seen enhancing the position of the company and bringing it back to the competition along with the giants of software like Microsoft Corp & Oracle Corp, known for offering best intelligent business tools.

This shows that how Salesforce from a dominant position of customer relationships, has turned into a mere IT company for general purpose, when compared to Oracle significant transformation in last 20 years, as becoming one of the giant databases. Zane Chrane of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. as an analyst said that “this deal would also test the focus of Salesforce as a whole”.

Words of Benioff depict his obsession regarding the Salesforce Customer 360 initiative on the earnings conference call made last week. This will help the use of consumer data for the benefit of corporate clients. This deal helps Benioff keep his promises on the safer side and is also very much assured about the whole thing.

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