Wikipedia Goes Down Across Europe, Middle East, Blames Malicious DDOS Attack

Wikipedia Goes Down Across Europe, Middle East, Blames Malicious DDOS Attack

A cyber-attack occurred in several countries on Friday and the global Encyclopedia i.e. Wikipedia was forced to stop. Mostly, the European and mid-eastern regions got affected by this attack. According to, the attack started shortly before 7 p.m. BST. A very massive and destructive attack called DDOS (distributed denial of service) paralyzed the global server, as tweeted by Wikimedia’s German twitter account.

From the site, it was accounted that a malicious virus has attacked the Wikimedia and was so forcefully stopped. Due to the attack, the server had to go offline for hours in several countries and it’s still under the removal process consistently. Site Reliability Engineering Team is working for its speedy removal and restores the site.
Like this site, Wikimedia is globally popular and hence, prone to many malicious attacks. Wikimedia is the most constant site used from every corner of the world and it’s obvious for them to receive such threats even after having immense security and filters.

People and the world are evolving with technology and have every way to use anything in either a good or a bad manner. Constantly some monitoring teams are being in work to stop malware for such hugely dominated sites. They have experts who are on the site to remove malware, upgrade to improvise versions.

Going offline or forcefully stopping is just a process, which includes repairing of sites and to protect every user’s confidential data in use and not caught the virus itself.

Catching malware is not just a threat for the site, but also for the users who are constantly using the sites for storing their fundamental data every hour. To access the site freely without any virus intruding in their files, site repairing expert committees and movements are being introduced.

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