With New Simulation Product, Unity Bets on Cloud Testing

The ambitions of Unity have risen alongside their aim to become specifically important to customers beyond game developers. One of the interesting features has been shown up where a real-time rendering game engine helps companies train their systems inside a virtual environment. This feature is now been used on a regular basis as a workflow in robotic start-ups and self-driving companies that build up technologies, which need to be trained on a repeated basis and on ever-changing circumstances.

At the Unity conference, the company has decided to build a new dedicated product for such daily uses called Unity Simulation. This product is currently under the beta process but can be run by customers on cloud-based hardware as a simulation which is all possible due to the partnership between the Unity and Google Cloud.

With this real-time 3D connection in this platform, it allows for flexibility and scale to the cloud which will help the Unity to expand their business towards better, safer and more reliable products. And for the self-driving car companies, these simulations will help in the enhancement of road quality detection and a better virtual experience.

Lastly, the robotic start-ups would also be using these to be tested on prototypes before the real model. Largely, the customers have been searching for this highly enhanced technology to tackle these problems in their hardware. The simulations and the used cases moreover include the gaming world besides been a pleasing thing in the real-time world.

The gaming studios would be made more advanced by using these technologies that would help the developers and multipliers to develop important tiles and advanced features for a stable and powerful game. The start-up has announced that funding of $525 million has been closed down at a round of $6 billion and is also targeting an IPO for next year.

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